Lindquist — Made By Hand To Last

LindquistOur obsession with slow made, quality goods continues as we welcome LINDQUIST to YUCCA! Based in East Providence, LINDQUIST manufactures leather goods entirely in-house, using its showroom as a space for events and community gatherings. We love that they focus on naturally-dyed leather goods made for living, made to last, growing patina with each passing year. LINDQUIST objects are designed to be with you for the long haul, developing character alongside you through a lifetime of use. We're excited for you to experience the passion of LINDQUIST for yourself!
Lindquist Object
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'The Great Eros' Give Us Pleasure In The Simple Things

Christina and Emilio launched The Great Eros in 2016 with a focus on minimalism, functionality, clean lines, and organic forms to make you feel your best self every day. In line with their slow goods ethos, the brand partners with carefully selected family-owned factories and studios in Italy and New York to ensure their garments uphold values of ethical and sustainable production. We're thrilled to welcome The Great Eros into the shop and into your lives.
The Great Eros
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Approachable Elegance Is Easy With Eva Masaki

Approachable but elegant. Eva Masaki spent over a decade in the eyewear industry before engulfing herself into her own venture, a passion born from her love of the handmade methods used in northern Italy where her pieces are all made in a limited, rotational production of styles and colors that live and change with each season. Handmade in the Valdobbiadene region of Northern Italy, each frame is made with Zeiss lenses and cellulose acetate hand-cut by Mazzucchelli. Cultured, wearable, evocative, and colorful- much like Eva herself. 
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The Importance Of Small Details — Maria Stanley

As Maria Stanley puts it, wearing clothes is a fundamental part of our daily life. Just like the food we eat, we should know where clothes come from and the story behind them. Her transparency policy shows the intention with which she brings her designs to life, working with a family-run factory in India that has the same vision for slow, intentionally handmade goods. She's spending a lot of time researching dyes from plants, herbs, and spices and has set herself up for success back in her home state of Minnesota. We're really excited to support such a talented female designer!
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Szeki Chan set out to make everyday garments that work hard for her customers since day one, over a decade ago.


7115 has been a labor of love for Chan, with customer feedback being the root of her research and design inspiration. She continuously looks to the public for inspiration and for new ideas and can be seen working at the LES store on the weekends when she wants to learn more about her clientele: their needs and hopes for the future of the brand. This intrinsic attention to detail has made 7115 the consistent success it is.


Fun fact — did you know before creating 7115, Szeki Chan was a pop singer in Hong Kong?!! We're so excited to welcome 7115 by Szeki into YUCCA.

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