Atelier Delphine is one of our favorite brands both to carry, and to wear. The owner and designer, Yuka Izutsu, has a wonderful knack for creating timeless pieces that will make you both look your best, and feel your best.
“I started Atelier Delphine almost nine years ago, and my focus was on artistic vision and clothing concepts, but also on ethics. This was a very important step beyond looks,” says Yuka. “I want to connect with collaborators who are both ethical and – equally important – believe that clothing has a lot to say about who you are, because fashion is all about that.”


Atelier Delphine


Atelier Delphine, for instance, reflects Yuka’s personal take on identity. She wants sophisticated style that lasts, meaning design inspired by passion and supported by high-quality materials. Passion reveals the deeper beliefs of the wearer, the conscious choice to be who we are. Identity doesn’t change overnight, but deepens over time. That idea informs and drives Yuka’s work every day.


"Clothing can express more than just good taste. It can demonstrate that a person or a culture are committed to a livable future for everything on Earth."


“The SS20 up-cycled denim is soft, drapes really well, and the color suits any skin color, and feels very nice.... yet it is sturdy. That’s very important! These are pieces you don’t throw away – you keep them. Perfect pieces for casual days and everyday wear.”



Yuka’s core collection offers, five garments that fit most body types and a couple of them are genderless. Easy to wear, not sexy but rather boxy, oversized, useful and practical everyday pieces. Also breezy, but good for all seasons.


This is the way forward for both fashion and the planet: conscientious designers starting with sustainable fabrics and creating pieces that last. Clothing that honors the amount of energy, raw material, design, and the labor of human hands that goes into making them. Clothing that is authentic.




Kim Keim