Founded on a "less is more" mentality that we can all resonate with, LESSE (pronounced "less") believes organic skincare is a universal necessity to our individual and collective health. Their line is what founder Neada Deters calls a discerning edit of only the essentials, made from efficacious and uncompromising ingredients, to elevate your skin and your everyday rituals. 
First, LESSE launched with the company's hero product, the Ritual Serum. This serum has gained a cult following due to its soothing and clearing effects on the skin. LESSE then evolved with a minimized system, five products, rigorously researched and meticulously formulated to help sensitive skin naturally transform and glow. 
Deters personally chooses every ingredient that goes into the products, choosing cultivators that only harvest ethically to cultivate for the highest efficacy. With an ode to sustainability in the skin care industry, LESSE displays clearly on their site how to recycle each part of every product, and packages every order in recycled and recyclable materials.  
LESSE is reducing consumption and clutter and clearing the way for a slower and more intentional approach to beauty.
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Kim Keim