Linear Chain Necklace



The Linear Chain Necklace from WWAKE. The Counting Collection is an experiment in simple design. By adding one element at a time to a single form, each piece builds on the last, one by one. As a whole collection, these pieces demonstrate the evolution of a dynamic, linear pattern.


This necklace features brilliant opals accented by sapphires, emeralds, and white diamonds. Set on a sparkling gold chain, this asymmetrical arrangement creates the illusion of weightlessness. 


Sizing + Details →

  • Handmade In New York
  • 14k Solid Recycled Yellow Gold
  • Large Opal: Diameter 4mm, 0.15 cts
  • Small Opals: Diameter 2mm, 0.03 cts each, approx. 0.06 cts 
  • Sapphire: Diameter 2mm, 0.03 cts
  • Emerald: Diameter 2mm, 0.021 cts
  • Diamond: Diameter 2mm, 0.03 carats