Stora Skuggan was established in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. An autonomous fragrance studio where all aspects of creating a perfume is handled internally to maintain full creative integrity. Concepts, fragrance formulation and product design is all handled by a small group of interdisciplinary creatives.
The four founders of Stora Skuggan met at a design school in Stockholm almost ten years ago (although admittedly some did never attend the school; only the parties). A joint interest in fragrances later developed into the first trembling steps in DIY perfumery, by mixing cheap essential oils. Over the following years the idea about creating real perfume from scratch went from DIY project to obsession. With time, they managed to work their way into the business and gained access to the distributors of real aroma chemicals and the most precious natural materials. After many years of learning by doing, the brand was launched in 2015.
While the olfactory experience of the scent is the core of Stora Skuggan, the team works in a symbiotic process to give life to each product through the combination of conceptual stories, visuals and physical design.(Stora Skuggan means “The Great Shadow” in Swedish, which is also the name of a park area in Stockholm)