Ruby Bell Ceramics creates unique hand-built vessels with a sculptural point of view. Taylor Ruby Bell is a former art dealer of Post War and Contemporary prints and multiples. After over 10 years of looking at and selling work made by other artists, Taylor began making objects of her own. With a nod to both her Egyptian heritage and childhood spent in the American South West, Taylor hand-builds unique vessels inspired by ancient North African and Native American pottery, as well as by Modernist and Post War art, furniture, and architecture. Taylor approaches each sculpture as its own unique object where imperfections are embraced and surprises inherent in the hand-building process are highlighted. The geometry of the forms is complimented by the visibility of the artist's hand, as every pinch, cut and smoothing gesture is unabashedly shown. The conspicuously handmade feel of the objects embraces the medium of clay itself and draws attention to the process of pinching of coiling. Each piece is individually hand built so that no two pieces are identical.