Spreading warmth to homes across the world is no small mission, but Virginia Sin is making it happen one ceramic piece at a time. The founder of Brooklyn-based SIN Ceramics factors sustainability into the creation of each design, hyper focusing on a timeless design to encourage people to buy more intentionally and having pieces that not only transform your space but will withstand the test of time. Many of us already own a piece or two, a nod to her universality and the excitement SIN brings for all of us. The natural and beautifully crafted creations can live almost anywhere in your home, and you can make them as functional as you would like to. 
"We don’t make things. We make comfort," Sin's website reads. "We make reasons to go home. Things you can wrap up in. Things made slow. With two bare hands. Things worth sharing. Or hoarding. Depending on your prerogative. Things that help you find home, wherever you are."
Kim Keim