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Kukui and White Kaolin Clay



A gentle, balancing soap designed especially for very delicate and sensitive skin. Nurturing and brightening, offering a soothing yet balanced clean, this bar softens and moisturizes. Equally suitable for face, hands and body. A delicate, subtle blend of rich woody base notes lifted by a touch of bright citrus. 

Top: Pink Grapefruit 
Mid: Lavender , Geranium 
Base: Amyris, Sandalwood

Kukui nut oil, a deeply nourishing Hawaiian oil, is traditionally used to protect babies’ skin from the elements. It is light, full of antioxidants and easily absorbed to soothe the most delicate skin. Very fine White kaolin clay gently draws away impurities, providing effective cleansing without drying. Almond milk and Aloe Vera soothe and enhance moisture retention.