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"A spicy-sweet burner with a hint of Black Leather"


Illuminate your space and create an inviting atmosphere with this aromatic burner, featuring hints of Black Leather. Experience a sensory journey that enhances connection with your partner, as warm Cedarwood, rich Leather, and bright Star Anise combine for a heartwarming ritual.


This package and the accompanying burning ritual serve as a reminder to prioritize connection - with oneself and one's loved one. Take a moment to set aside distractions and simply be together, whether in conversation, laughter, or stillness. Make time for a daily ritual of connection.


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  • Hand Dipped And Packed In Victoria, Australia
  • Long Lasting, Yet Not Overpowering That Won't Give You A Headache
  • Dipped in Fragrance Of Essential Oils And Fragrance Blends (Phthalates Free)
  • 60 Sticks, Approximately 30 Hours