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Vere Verto creates leather handbags—clutches, backpacks, saddles—that bridge luxury with functionality for the day-to-night city lifestyle. It was established when two creative forces--Paige Smith and Consuelo Chozas--came together. Their handbags are born out of Paige's experience biking around San Francisco and Consuelo's in-depth knowledge of the leather business. Paige’s design philosophy is ever-present in this handbag collection—stripped down to essentials, Vere Verto designs celebrate detail, flawless functionality and, most of all, vehement rejection of frill. Consuelo travels the world over in search of the best of the best, such as ancient tanneries in the Spanish Castilla region and boisterous metal hardware workshops in northern Italy. The combination of their skills ensures the highest quality in design, functionality and materials.